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Photo ID: 85
Gallery ID: 50 - The Treaties for Peace
Photo Title: Remembering Yitzhak Shamir
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yitzhak shamir, 1988, prime minister, israel, death of, jerusalem, robert a. cumins
Remembering Yitzhak Shamir. In February 1988, photographer Robert A. Cumins had the rare opportunity to gain special access to this heretofore inaccessible world leader and provide readers around the globe with a visual insight into the private world of Yitzhak Shamir, who died this week at 96. Having total access to Shamir for ten days, first in Italy, then Israel,Cumins revealed him to be a thoughtful studious man, an avaricious reader who turned to books at every opportunity and a gentle husband and grandfather which belied the public image of a stiff-necked intransigent government leader. Following the photo opportunity, his images of Shamir appeared in Life Magazine, as a cover story in The New York Times Magazine and major magazines around the world. In the attached photograph, Shamir is seen here looking at a picture of himself taken forty years earlier when he was a commander in the Jewish Underground.
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